28 New Memoirs About Trump Coming Soon

As the 2020 presidential election looms, dozens of memoirs are being released that detail ordinary citizens’ experience with meeting, getting a glimpse of, or merely thinking of, President Donald Trump. Over the next month, 28 new memoirs are slated to release.

Most of the upcoming books are written by ordinary Americans who have had a brief encounter with the President or who have not met him at all. The books’ authors range from citizens who adore the President to citizens who, according to one author, “Want him to step on a sheet of nails.” Twenty-six of the 28 titles are self-published through Amazon’s Kindle store.

Below you will find the titles for next week’s releases:

  1. The Hook: He Had Me at “Wall” by Stephen Bergman
  2. Snowflake: Triggered By Trump by Gavin Corgin
  3. A Peasant’s Sighting by Anonymous
  4. Uncle Thomas: Black, Bullied, and in Favor of Trump by Joe Therman
  5. The Handshake: My Brief Encounter With the President by Shirley Plum
  6. Lock Him Up: My Portland Riot Sign That Made National News by Tom Jackson
  7. Uninformed: An Unlikely Apolitical View of Donald J. Trump by Jerry Blockhead