[911 Transcript] LeBron James Regretfully Calls Police on Trespasser

NBA superstar LeBron James instinctively – and after the fact, regretfully – called 911 Thursday night when a trespasser on the lawn of his $23 million mansion made him “fear for his life.” The instance occurred at 10:02 pm when a self-described “Lebron James super fan” climbed the James estate’s fence, ran across the yard, and began lurking through the window.

Here’s a transcript of James’ 911 call:

Dispatcher: 911 operator. What is your emergency?

James: Hello?! Hello?! Please he..he..help me!

Dispatcher: Sir, what is your emergency?

James: Th..th..there’s this man who’s trying to kill me at my home! Heeeelp!

Dispatcher: Okay, sir, I need you to calm down. Where is this man?

James: H..h..he’s staring at me through my living room window right now! I think he has a weapon. He’s holding a device and it keeps flashing! Send someone now! I’m fearing for my life!

Dispatcher: Okay, I’m looking at your address. Is this LeBron James?

James: Yes! Stop asking questions and send me a police officer! I need a police officer to save me! I’m not ready to die!

Dispatcher: Okay, sir. We’ll send an officer, but is it possible that this is just a fan of yours taking a few photos?

James: Oh, umm… hmm… I suppose that’s possible. Ah, yes, now he’s waving at me.

Dispatcher: Okay. We’ll send over an officer. In the meantime, can you go tell him to leave?

James: [Silence] Okay, looks like it was some creepy voyeur looking to get some photos of my house. He’s leaving now.

Dispatcher: Okay, would you like us to still send an officer?

James: NO! Are you kidding me?! I’m not going to let any of your corrupt cops in my house!