Adam Sandler Opens Up About How He Beat Stage Fright (the Peeing Kind)

In an interview with the National Enquirer this past weekend, Adam Sandler offered a heartfelt look at how he overcame stage fright. According to the actor, for decades he struggled with a crippling fear of using public restrooms.

“I would just stand there at the urinal, frozen with fright,” the actor explained. “It was super awkward… just standing there with my junk in my hand trying to push, push, push, while praying that no one was waiting behind me.”

The severity of the stage fright was so bad that Sandler would sometimes avoid going out in public altogether. “I was more open to attending outdoor festivals where there were no public restrooms,” Sandler explained. “If I knew there would be a porta potty available, I was ready to go. That would give me the privacy I needed to drain the ole snakeroo.”

The actor went on to detail how he overcame stage fright. It was a surprisingly simple solution, Sandler noted. The strategy was to act like he needed to go (as he referred to it) “number two.” That would give him an excuse to use a traditional wall-to-wall stall, which offered the privacy needed to successfully do his business.

“Now, there have been times when there hasn’t been an open stall,” Sandler added. “In that case, I would just wait in line, occasionally sighing and clutching my belly when someone glanced my way.”

Update: Two months after this article was published, Sandler was seen successfully using an open-wall urinal. Either his “stage fright” was merely a cry for attention or he did finally beat this debilitating disease. Due to concerns over litigation, I have been asked to refrain from speculation.