Adventurous Couple Moves to Iowa Because They Heard it Was a Swing State

A young couple from Topeka, Kansas moved to Des Moines last weekend because they heard Iowa is one of the biggest “swing states” in the United States. Five years into their marriage, John and Christine Kellogg decided non-monogamy would enhance their relationship, so they visited a swingers bar in Topeka called “Swing Around Fun Town,” which is now under litigation from a miniature golf course in St. Louis, MO.

After visiting the establishment several times, they found the swinger scene in Topeka to be inadequate. “We’re really limited in this town,” said Mr. Kellogg, adding that the few swingers in Topeka are aesthetically subpar. “That’s why we’ve decided to move to Iowa, which is supposedly a huge swing state.”

Several neighbors, who are not supportive of the Kellogg’s lifestyle, have encouraged the move. “I’m sure they’ll find exactly what they’re looking for in Des Moines,” one neighbor snickered. “I think they’ll be particularly surprised with the activity in November.”