82% of Americans Say Political Campaign Fluff is More Important to Them Than Actual Policy Issues

According to a new Gallup poll, 82 percent of Americans say political campaign fluff is more important to them than the actual policies a candidate subscribes to and how they might influence those policies throughout their term.

In the survey, participants were presented with key policy issues that will likely be relevant within the next four years, and then they were asked to weigh the importance of those issues against typical campaign slogans and rhetoric that will have little impact on the lives of Americans.

In the area of healthcare, participants were asked about their position on the Affordable Care Act, specifically whether it should be modified or altogether dismantled. While most acknowledged that ObamaCare was an important issue that directly impacts them, the overwhelming majority said campaign rhetoric that sensationalizes aspects of the U.S. healthcare system is far more important to them.

“Improving the healthcare system to reduce my insurance premiums and medical bills is certainly important,” said one participant. “But I’ll hedge my bet on the candidate that uses flowery language that makes me feel good. Or even more influential is when a candidate generically sensationalizes some story about how people are dying in the streets due to inadequate healthcare.”