Anarchist Group Says Social Justice Will Require “Heavy Government Involvement”

A prominent anarchist group, which frequently advocates the abolition of all forms of government, said Friday that in order to enact real social justice the federal government must become heavily involved in economic matters. Going by the name Zero Government Collective, the group says people of color and LGBT folks have the deck stacked against them when it comes to climbing the economic ladder – and that it’s time for lawmakers to do something about it.

“The government can do so many things to enact social justice,” said Tommy Livingston, a longtime anti-government anarchist and prominent member of Zero Government Collective. “But it won’t happen unless lawmakers become heavily involved in the process.”

The group noted that Congress can make meaningful change by providing weekly stimulus payments to people of color and requiring that businesses have, what they referred to as, a “gay-transgender-fluid” labor force quota. Sources say the incoming Biden administration will publicly consider the suggestion, but has already dismissed it in private discussions.

In related news, Zero Government Collective has a protest scheduled for Saturday to fully defend all local police departments and abolish the federal government.