Angelina Jolie Devastated After Doctor Tells Her She Has Acute Angina

Actress and philanthropist Angelina Jolie was reportedly devastated on Tuesday after a doctor told her she had acute angina. The actress had gone to the doctor after she was experiencing nausea, fatigue, and mild chest pains.

Jolie’s doctor, who is renowned for treating attractive female actresses, did a thorough examination after finding an irregular heart beat.

“Wow, you have acute angina,” the doctor exclaimed after doing an unconventionally thorough examination of Jolie’s body. “I mean, it’s really acute… so acute that I’d be afraid to touch it.”

“That’s my medical philosophy,” the doctor added, according to sources. “Unless it’s a chronic problem, I always try to abstain from any form of intervention.”

After spending the next few hours in a state of desperation, Jolie relaxed when a friend and ex-lover reaffirmed that her angina was acute and, therefore, there is likely little to worry about.