Anthony Weiner Calls “Salongate” Biggest Scandal in U.S. History

Discussing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s maskless faux pas at a San Francisco hair salon, former Congressman and sex offender Anthony Weiner said Friday that “Salongate” has turned out to be the biggest scandal in United States history. The reason, Weiner asserted, is that her actions could have infected a large portion of the San Francisco metro area, leading to widespread death and further economic destruction.

“Salongate is a big freaking deal,” Weiner said during a Zoom interview with CNN’s Chris Cuomo, who proudly claimed to had a brush with death due to COVID-19. “The Speaker could have wiped out a good chunk of the San Francisco population. This is a scandal the United States has never quite seen before.”

Some astute observers questioned Weiner on his comments, as he too went through a highly publicized scandal. “Who does this guy think he is?” one Twitter user wrote. “Weiner is a disgusting perv. He has no room to talk. #HypoPerv”

“Sexting isn’t the same as attempted murder,” Weiner insisted in a Tweet, responding to a flurry of social media criticism. “Sure, I showed off my ole’ tugger a few times, but who hasn’t?

“I may be a sex offender,” he added in a response to his own Tweet, “but I’m no murderer.”