Anti-Government Protesters Demand More Government Stimulus Money

A group of anti-government protesters, who have been demonstrating in major cities across the U.S., are demanding that the federal government send a second round of stimulus checks. The group – which is calling to fully dissolve federal, state, and local governments – insists that lawmakers need to fulfill their civic duty by better providing for its citizens.

TrollWire flew Ernie Sanders to Chicago on Thursday to interview a few of the protesters. “We are against every form of government,” said 27-year-old Tom Newman, who became a full-time protester after losing his job as a CD store clerk. “The federal government is a cesspool. Today our protest is about demanding that Congress and the President care for its people like a government is supposed to do.”

“It’s time to abolish the feds,” echoed a second protester, who asked to be called by his protest name Robin Hood. “Our lawmakers are failing us, just like COVID-19. It’s time to pony up and send us more money.”

In related news, Antifa is seeking to abolish its flat, horizontal structure and nominate a central leader who will bring organization to the group’s anti-fascist cause.

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