AOC Goes on Anti-Italian Tirade While Playing Mario Kart on Twitch

Streaming on the popular video game streaming service Twitch, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez went on an anti-Italian tirade Tuesday while playing Mario Kart on the Nintendo Switch game console. AOC seemed particularly agitated by the Luigi character, as he kept bumping her into the sand and would consistently win every race.

“BAH, stop running me off the road you spaghetti-eating Dago,” the Senator screamed into her headset. “BAM!” she bellowed three seconds later, “Take that plumber-man. Go back to your shanty, Fredo… and cook me some fettuccini!”

Pundits say AOC’s tirade is bound to be an indictment on Biden’s presidential campaign, as the candidate attempts to court the Italian American vote. It didn’t help that the character playing Luigi was a nine-year-old Italian American girl.