Arm Fat Injections: The Latest Trend in Hollywood

Everything from tummy tucks to breast enhancements, hundreds of thousands of cosmetic surgery operations are administered every year. The latest cosmetic trend now coming out of Hollywood is a new procedure called armoplasty, or in layman’s terms, arm fat injections.

The procedure involves injecting fat into the arm in between the shoulder and the elbow. A unique aspect of the procedure is where the fat comes from. “We extract from the buttocks,” said Dr. John Foreman, a cosmetic surgeon in Los Angeles who specializes in armoplasty. “The booty is an ideal place to pull fat from.”

“Honestly, it’s my new favorite operation to perform,” the doctor added. “The challenge is making the arm just fat enough so that it looks unnatural, while preventing the arm from becoming a flabby nuisance.”

The trend is growing in popularity as a way to combat, what some are calling, “American objectification.” Hollywood actors say arm fat injections are a way to stand in solidarity with obese people. “I think it’s important to celebrate fat people,” said Natalie Portman. “In fact, I think a little extra fat on the body should be embraced. Plus, it’s super sexy.”

On Thursday, it was reported that Kim Kardashian has an armoplasty procedure scheduled for next week. Dr. Foreman will be performing the surgery. “I can’t wait,” the doctor affirmed, who is an avid fan of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, as well as some of Kardashian’s other videography from 2007. “I’ll have a lot to work with there.”

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