Man Feels Awkward Answering “No” to Long List of COVID-19 Screening Questions

Diagnosed with a chronic anxiety disorder, 33-year-old Jim Taylor saw his psychiatrist on Tuesday for the first time in six months. Upon entering the office, Taylor was met by the office secretary with a long list of COVID-19 screening questions, leaving him more and more anxious as the screening progressed.

After fielding the first two questions with relative ease, it felt awkward for him to continue saying “no” with the same monotonous tone. Consequently, he used variations of the word in his responses. Here is a transcript of the exchange:

Secretary: Do you have a cough?

Taylor: No.

Secretary: Have you felt feverish recently?

Taylor: No.

Secretary: Are you having shortness of breath or any difficulty

Taylor: Nah.

Secretary: Do you have chills or repeated shaking with chills?

Taylor: Nope.

Secretary: Have you traveled outside of the state within the past 14 days?”

Taylor: No ma’am.

Secretary: Do you have any muscle pain or body aches?

Taylor: Mmm mmm [shaking head]

Secretary: Do you have any recent onset of headache or sore throat?

Taylor: Ehhh. Not yet.

Secretary: Have you been experiencing nausea and/or vomiting?

Taylor: Pshh. Nah.

Secretary: Do you have any recent loss of taste or smell?

Taylor: Uh uh.

Secretary: Have you been experiencing fatigue recently?

Taylor: Nope.

Due to some hesitancy when answering the questions, the secretary suspected Taylor might have had COVID-19 and potentially infected the entire office.