Baseball Fan Surprised That He Watched Two Full Innings of the MLB Playoffs

A usually devout fan of the St. Louis Cardinals surprised himself on Wednesday when he ended up watching two full innings of the Major League Baseball playoffs. Thirty-two-year-old John Bankston, a longtime fan of the Cardinals, had lost his enthusiasm for the season after the COVID-19 pandemic led to an abbreviated season.

“This doesn’t feel like a real season,” Bankston had admitted to a friend about midway through the season. “Not only has it been shortened, our team went a week without playing due to a silly little outbreak.”

Several of Bankston’s family members noted that after the Cardinals clinched a playoff berth, he didn’t jump up and down on the couch like he usually does, but instead gave an unenthusiastic “yay” along with a nonchalant, and somewhat sarcastic, air bump.

On the day of the first game in the series, Bankston decided he would give the playoffs a shot. “I turned on the TV and thought what the heck, I’ll at least have the game on in the background,” he said. “Then in the fourth inning, the Cards strung two hits together, and so I sat down and started watching. Before I knew it, it was the sixth inning!”

The Cardinals ended up losing the game, but the fact that he had gathered up a mild interest in the game, Bankston counted the loss as a moral victory.