Ole Miss Basketball Player Takes a Knee During Anthem, Blames a “Kidney Stone”

Controversy stirred up last year when six Ole Miss basketball players took a knee during the National Anthem. Now, several months later, Ole Miss Forward John Lierstone is at it again.

On Tuesday evening, as the National Anthem commenced over the loudspeaker, Lierstone went to a knee. Following the game, the young superstar was told he would have to sit out the next two games. Lierstone claimed his intent wasn’t to disrespect the flag. “It wasn’t out of protest,” he said. “I’ve been fighting a kidney stone and I just needed a quick break.”

Despite Lierstone’s plea, he seemed to play through the game just fine, putting up 24 points in the second half. Also, paparazzi caught photos of Mr. Lierstone that evening jumping on a trampoline in his parent’s front yard.

When pressed on the exposé, Ole Miss basketball coach Kermit Davis responded, “Well, I’ve never had a kidney stone myself, but from what I know they are tiny. We’re talking, like, millimeters.”

Stephen A. Smith took to the airwaves on Wednesday in a tizzy, bellowing out, “Come on coach… That ‘little stone’ you’re referring to… you know how it comes out? Right out of yo’ pee hole!”

Correction: It was documented in the article that Lierstone was jumping on a trampoline in his parent’s front yard. The trampoline is in his parent’s backyard.