5 Best Risky Pot Stocks to Watch in 2020

If you are an astute investor looking for sky-high gains, then you already know… the riskier the investment, the better the investment. And what is riskier than a volatile pot stock? Today, I’m offering up the best pot stocks to watch in 2020.

First, while there are plenty of more legitimate, established cannabis companies out there, I like to find the firms that don’t provide much in the area of financial data. For some reason or another, you can buy in much lower on these stocks. And we’re not talking about $1.50 per share. We’re talking more like 7 cents a share.

Feeling skeptical? Think of it this way: You buy 5,000 shares of a 7 cent stock for a total cost of $350. That critical press release drops and the stock jumps to $4.00 a share. You just netted $19,650. It’s that easy. The key is to buy low and sell high.

So without further adieu, here are the top risky pot stocks to watch throughout 2020.

Best Pot Stocks 2020

1. Pot Crock (POTCRCK)

Current price: $0.07 per share. This is a great stock that I’m watching closely. I typically don’t focus too heavily on what the company actually produces (I care more about the stock price trends), but this is an interesting product. In short, it is a Crock-Pot-like appliance that helps you slow-cook your cannabis recipes. In an exciting new development, the company announced that when the product is released, it will come with a recipe book of over 100 recipes (the Pot Brisket dish being the spotlight).

2. CannaFuse (CANNFS)

Current price: $0.10 per share. The Pot-o-Matic is, allegedly, a diffusing device that can emit potent cannabis vapor throughout your home. The company claims that it can provide a powerful high that is consistent throughout an 1,800 square foot home.  There are questions as to whether or not this is actually feasible, but the company issued a press release that cleared things up: “Yes, the technology exists. We have it.”

3. Mary Bot (MARBT)

Current price: $0.02 per share. This is a very low cost stock that shows promise. While it’s still in the beta testing phase, the company just issued a press release stating that it is making progress. The Mary Bot is a blow-up doll companion that smokes hash with you when your homies aren’t around. The doll contains a “fireproof airway” that allows you to puff and pass with your companion. She also has artificial intelligence built in so you can have deep, meaningful conversations throughout the evening.

4. Pot-o-Drive (PTDRV)

Current price: $0.11 per share. This company will be introducing an innovative product that could potentially save thousands of lives. The Pot-o-Drive is a pharmaceutical pill that instantly sobers you up when you need to hop in the car and drive. Like the aforementioned CannaFuse, critics have questioned whether this is a viable product. But the company resolved all concerns with a press release, asserting, “Yes, it is possible. We employ the best chemists in the world.”

5. JointBlend (JNTBLD)

Current price: $0.04 per share. This is a brilliant concept that is precisely how it sounds. JointBlend is a device that looks much like a traditional blender. The difference is it specializes in blending rolled marijuana joints. Once you’re done rolling, you simply pop your joints into the blender and mix to your heart’s desire. There was previous controversy over the product when critics asked the company what was the purpose of the appliance. The company issued a press release with a thought-provoking question: “Why wouldn’t you want to blend your joints?”

That’s it, folks. I hope you found these stock tips helpful. So go out, invest, and make 2020 your best year yet.