Bill Clinton Says He Really Enjoys Jobs

Former President of the United States Bill Clinton declared on Tuesday that he really enjoys jobs, and that he has a lot of experience with them. Speaking at the DNC convention, Clinton made what some reporters are calling a rousing speech that addressed everyday life.

“I’m a big fan of jobs,” he said with a seemingly seductive smile. “All sorts of jobs… hehe. You know what I’m talking about. Jobs help you grow.”

Several pundits expressed that they aren’t clear on what Clinton was getting at, because he neglected to mention anything about the economy or government policy – just that he really enjoys jobs.

“It was baffling,” said Chris Wallace. “I’m not sure if he was on some kind of medication or what. It seemed like he was speaking completely off the cuff… like he was just expressing what he was thinking about at that very moment.”

Other pundits suggested that Clinton’s speech was less rousing as it was arousing.