Blogger Says Media Sensationalism is the Worst Thing That’s Ever Happened to America

Twenty-nine-year-old Chad Bastion, a political blogger in Tulsa, Oklahoma, published a scathing article on Wednesday blasting the Mainstream Media for sensationalizing the news. The sensationalism has gotten so bad, Bastion writes, that it’s the worst thing that’s ever happened to America.

“We’re dealing with an unprecedented level of sensationalism from the media,” wrote Bastion, whose reader base consists mainly of friends and family. “America has never – I mean never – seen such abusive sensationalism. When you think of all the things our country has gone through, nothing is worse than the crap we’re being forced to consume from the 24-hour news cycle.”

Mr. Bastion pointed out several major events in United States history and explained why media sensationalism has a more far-reaching and damaging impact on society. However, some critics pointed out, the blogger failed to mention significant societal problems that most Americans would consider worse – like slavery, two world wars, and ongoing civil unrest.

One astute Twitter pundit also pointed out that Mr. Bastion seemed to be sensationalizing the severity of Mainstream Media sensationalism.

“This is the worst article I’ve ever read on the Internet,” the pundit tweeted in response. “I mean, the worst. I’ve never read anything more stupid. #WorstCommentaryEver”

The post immediately received a flurry of criticism from other Twitter pundits.