Bombshell John Bolton Book Reveals Trump Uses Tanning Bed Daily

Former United States Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton’s bombshell new memoir was released on Tuesday, leaking loads of classified information that is being considered damning to President Donald Trump and his administration.

Included in the book – which the President sought to block the release of – revealed that Trump uses a tanning bed daily, among many other personal habits.

The revelation exposes years of speculation about how the President keeps his naturally pale complexion at bay. Additional information leaked from the book includes the following (exact quotes):

  • “The President does not brush his teeth on Mondays”
  • “Donald is a natural side-sleeper, but typically wakes up on his back”
  • “When under duress, Trump can sometimes be kind of mean.”
  • “Instead of coffee, Donald Trump drinks two shots of tomato juice every morning.”