Brad Pitt Under Fire For Pronouncing “Asterisks” as “Ass Trick”

Social media was ablaze after Brad Pitt made a potentially career-ending mistake on Monday during an interview on Good Morning America.

Mr. Pitt was promoting his upcoming thriller when he mistakenly pronounced the word “asterisks” wrong. In promoting the upcoming film, George Stephanopoulos asked the actor, “So is this the most exciting project you’ve worked on?”

The actor responded, “Oh absolutely…“ He paused and proceeded to say, “Well, I better throw out an ass trick… if it wasn’t for Mr. and Mrs. Smith, I wouldn’t have my six beautiful children.”

Pundits are debating whether Pitt really doesn’t know how to pronounce the word “asterisks” or if the flub was merely a Freudian slip.

Either way, the fallout has resulted in his new film being pulled from theaters, and he likely won’t be getting new work in the near future.