Carole Baskin Sardine Oil Killed Her Ex-Husband Don Lewis

One of the most popular shows on Netflix right now, Tiger King has led to many questions and conspiracy theories. Like, for example, the whole “Carole Baskin used sardine oil to kill her husband” theory. Well, TrollWire has an exclusive source that has verified, indeed, Carole Baskin did indeed murder her ex-husband.

But there’s a key piece of information that is missing from all the speculation. It wasn’t the tiger that ate up her ex-husband, Don (Jack Donald) Lewis. It was Carole Baskin herself.

Now, let’s back up a bit. We realize that while TrollWire is the most reputable news source on the Internet, you can’t just make a claim like that without any evidence. First, a little background…

The Carole Baskin Sardine Oil Theory

Tiger King hosts a full cast of creepy and twisted people. The reality is, among the many strange characters in the documentary, it’s not easy to get behind any one person.

Carole Baskin and her current husband (Howard Baskin) are arguably the creepiest – and to many people, the most disliked. In the first episode or two, Carole is certainly the devil in disguise. And she’s wearing a darn good disguise. A caring animal rights activist who wants to shutter every tiger cub zoo in America. Pretty special lady, right?

If you’ve finished all eight episodes of Tiger King, then you know… that’s far from the truth. You can tell by the evil grin and the incessant cackling. But I digress.

In her 20s, Carole married Don Lewis, a multi-millionaire who was twice her age. At some point, it was exposed that their relationship became quite tumultuous, and Don actually got to a point where he feared for his life.

In short, Carole married Don for his great fortune. That’s pretty apparent. Then magically, Mr. Lewis disappeared without a trace. It’s conclusive among Don’s friends, family, attorney, and even his accountant… Carole murdered Don, they claim, by feeding him to her tigers.

Then there’s the whole “embedded confession” deal, where she seems all-too-descriptive with some of the more notable events throughout her life.

“A little bird told me that one of Joe’s tacts was that they were going to drug me with Ketamine,” she said, referencing Joe Exotic’s alleged hit on her life. Ketamine would have been the perfect drug, she added, “which is a paralyzing agent… They would then throw me in a back of a car and drive me to the swamp and cut up my body to pieces.”

The evidence doesn’t show that anyone told her this. Not to mention, she seems very knowledgeable on these kinds of topics.

Which leads us to the now-proved Carole Baskin Sardine Oil theory.

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Where it All Surfaced

Before we get to the shocking conclusion of this story, here’s where the so-called Carole Baskin Sardine Oil theory surfaced…

The obvious indication – coming from Joe Exotic to John Finlay to Dr. Bhagavan “Doc” Antle and more – was that Carole fed her husband to her beloved tigers. We’ve already established that. Let’s face it, she had a whole lot of land and a whole lot of tigers to do the dirty deed.

Then there’s the now infamous quote, coming straight from the source. When interviewed for Tiger King, Carole Baskin gave some sound advice on how to get a tiger to attack a human:  “Just cover them in sardine oil or something they want to eat, should do the trick.”

Wow! Cover them in sardine oil? She’s really thought this through. Or, so it seems, she has a deep, intimate experience with this unique kind of killing strategy.

Case closed. She admitted it outright that she killed Don Lewis. But evidently, this is where everyone seems to be missing the mark. The general belief is that she doused Mr. Lewis in sardine oil and threw him into one of her many tiger cages. Not the case.

That’s what she threw out there. But it’s a diversion.

What Really Happened to Don Lewis

It can be assumed that Carole Baskin did indeed cover her ex-husband in sardine oil. But there wasn’t a single tiger that took part in Lewis’ death.

Our fully-vetted source tells us that Carole was a big sardine oil consumer herself. She would spread it on toasted bread, add it as a pizza ingredient, drink it straight, the list goes on. This is a damning fact, one that inevitably leads you to one conclusion:

Carole Baskin poisoned Don Lewis, doused his body in sardine oil, and then ate him. That simple. She’s a lot crazier than we all imagined (after all, cannibalism is a pretty crazy practice).

Now the question is, how long will Howard survive?