CDC Deems “Coin Fountain Throwing” a Safe Activity For Children

To provide more specific guidance on COVID-19 child safety, the CDC announced Friday a lengthy list of new guidelines that highlight “coin fountain throwing” as a safe activity for children to indulge in. The agency added that giving kids the ability to throw coins in a fountain is more responsible than sending them to summer camps, allowing them to participate in team sports, and seeing other human beings in general.

The new guidelines include a set of sub-guidelines that restrict what kind of fountains should be used. For example, all indoor fountains (including those located in hotels, restaurants, and any recreational facility) should be avoided, as well as any fountain that is located in areas where people might walk or congregate.

“The ideal place for this activity would be in isolated wooded areas, like along a walking trail in a state or national park,” said CDC spokesman Thomas Warsaw. “There’s a park about 75 miles from my home that has the perfect coin fountain.”