Cleveland Indians Change Team Name to “Cleveland Engines”

After years of protests from MLB fans and Native American advocacy groups, the Cleveland Indians have changed their team name, shifting away from a moniker that has long been criticized as bigoted and divisive. After weeks of deliberation over what to change the name to, the organization decided the “Cleveland Engines” would be the perfect replacement, representing the city’s apparent admiration for locomotives.

The team issued a press release on Tuesday announcing the name change and apologizing that the decision took so long.

“We are sorry that for all of these years we’ve been offending our brown-skinned brethren,” the press release read. “Our hope is that Native Americans across the country will welcome and embrace our new mascot – Maji the Engine.”

Later in the day, top officials in the organization championed the new name, insisting that the Cleveland Engines will be a tribute to the city’s rich history in the transportation industry.

“You talk to any kid in this town, and they are quoting lines from Thomas the Train,” said the organization’s Chairman and CEO Paul Dolan, who says he’s a big fan of locomotives himself. “I can’t wait to see our engines running around the field working their magic during the 2021 season.”