CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin Apologizes, Hopes He Doesn’t Rub Off On His Colleagues

After getting caught allegedly pleasuring himself during a Zoom meeting with his New York colleagues, CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin apologized to America and then expressed hope that he doesn’t rub off on his colleagues.

Toobin acknowledged that his behavior was inappropriate, but thought it was a good opportunity to encourage other CNN employees to be careful when collaborating remotely.

“I hope I don’t rub off on all of you,” Toobin wrote in an email to several hundred CNN employees. “You have to understand and respect your remote working environment. Be careful. Unless you’re 100 percent sure, always assume the camera is on.”

According to one source, a female employee who Toobin allegedly had an affair with in 2017 replied to the message to express admiration for Toobin’s “humble advice.”

“That’s hot. Hope to see you soon XOXO,” Toobin responded, according to a second source. Unfortunately, Toobin mistakenly added in his reply the hundreds of CNN employees who he had sent his original email.