Scripps Spelling Bee Contestant Dies From a Bee Sting

A tragic event occurred on Saturday when 14-year-old John Spellman died of a bee sting while competing on the Scripps National Spelling Bee stage. The young Spellman was down to the final round in a heated battle against his longtime rival (and the favorite), Nate Beeford.

Mr. Beeford had just finished spelling the word, “phaeton,” putting Spellman in a “do-or-die” situation. He ultimately did. But then he died.

After correctly spelling the word, “mille-feuille,” Spellman collapsed from the podium. He was rushed to the hospital, but ended up dead on arrival. Autopsy reports revealed that an untimely bee sting was the culprit.

“He was deathly allergic to bee stings,” Spellman’s mother said the following day. “It’s unfortunate, because I really think he could have won that contest.”

Commentators are still debating whether Spellman could have defeated Beeford, as the latter contestant was favored five-to-one. In honor of Mr. Spellman, sports books throughout Las Vegas are issuing two-fold returns to all of those who had placed bets on the contest.

PS: That chump Sean, of course, betted on Beeford (because the last thing he would do is support the underdog).