Debate: Trump Campaign Dismayed That Prez Forgot to Look into the Camera and Violently Wag His Finger in Americans’ Faces

While the President showed much restraint during Thursday night’s debate performance, sources say the Trump campaign is disappointed that their candidate forgot to look into the camera and violently wag his finger in viewers’ faces while trying to make important points.

The campaign was particularly dismayed because, according to experts, the peer-into-the-camera technique could have given President Trump a six-point boost in national polls.

“We practiced it over and over,” said one campaign staffer. “Swiftly turn your head to the camera in a robot-like motion, and shake your finger up and down as you speak angrily about Hunter and China. This was his chance and he blew it.”

The campaign also said pulling your head backward and letting out a fake, muted laugh can help discredit the opposing candidate, another technique the President failed to act on.