L.A. Dodgers Crowd Accidentally Cheers When Away Team Hits Grand Slam

Watching from the comfort of their own homes, Dodgers fans across the Los Angeles metropolitan area were in a state of confusion on Monday after the home team fans cheered a grand slam from the opposing team.

With bases loaded, on a 3-2 count, Seattle Mariners slugger Kyle Seager hit a line drive to right field. As the ball sailed over the fence, the fans in Dodgers Stadium exploded, cheering a grand slam against their pitching ace Clayton Kershaw. The crowd quieted quickly, but TV viewers were still bewildered by a seemingly complete lack of mental coherence on part of their fellow fans.

“I was in shock,” said Dodgers superfan Thomas O’Connor, a 32-year-old tech support representative who admittedly pays little attention to current events.  “Forty-five thousand people cheering for the opposing team, and then two seconds later, they all stop in unison. It’s like everyone looked at the field at once and realized, ‘Wait, that was the other team!'”

“Maybe it’s like, you know, that bystander effect thing,” said Paul Jones, who like Mr. O’Connor, admittedly pays little attention to current events. “You know, like the person next to you starts cheering, and then you instinctively do the same. Then before you know it, thousands more join in.”

Many other fans – who happened to flip on the TV right before the grand slam – were surprised by the intensity of the crowd, considering there were so many empty seats in the outfield.