Dumb Twitter User Calls Satirical News Article “Fake News”

A dumb Twitter user, who claims to be the “best fact checker on the Web,” on Friday called a satirical news article “fake news.” The article in question was posted on Twitter with the headline, “Man Influenza Found to Be More Severe Than Female Influenza,” and the overall premise of the article was to address the allegedly devastating effects of “The Manflu.”

“This is FAKE NEWS,” the user replied on the Tweet. “This article is littered with alternative facts. Where are you getting your data from? SCIENCE, please!”

Other users replying on the Tweet suggested that @TheBestFactNewsCheckExpert21 hadn’t actually read the article, because the first line of the article read, “This is a satirical news article. Please don’t take this as fact.” Others suggest that maybe the user did read the article, but he doesn’t know what satire is.

In related news, a shocking new study released Thursday found that some Twitter users like or retweet articles without actually reading them.