Dwayne Johnson Hospitalized After Getting “a Little Throat Tickle”

Actor Dwayne Johnson, better known under his professional wrestling name “The Rock,” checked himself into the hospital on Tuesday after getting, what he referred to as, “a little throat tickle.” The announcement came after a number of politicians, including President Trump, have tested positive for COVID-19 and are now receiving medical treatment.

“It might seem like I’m jumping the gun a bit,” Johnson told reporters in a virtual press conference. “But you know how these things can go. A little throat tickle can turn into a full-blown cough. I’m just being preemptive.”

Devoted supporters of the actor have taken to Twitter to express their concerns and well wishes. “OMG, I just heard that The Rock has a throat tickle! Sending positive vibes to @TheRock #youllgetthroughthis”

Other users have taken a more controversial slant to their tweets. “Do you smell what The Rock is cooking?” posted a user with the handle @HeardImmunity. “Well, if you have COVID, you probably can’t!”

The post has since been deleted by Twitter.