Email Scheme Threatens People to Join Multi-Level Marketing Opportunity “Or Else”

A new email scheme, which cybersecurity experts now claim is being run by young mothers and retired women, is threatening people to join a multi-level marketing opportunity “or else.” The cryptic email seemingly intends to bully recipients into joining a business opportunity that would allegedly earn them more than $10,000 per month.

TrollWire obtained a copy of one of the emails from a loyal reader. The message reads, in part:

We know where you live. We know who you are voting for on November 3rd. We know everything about you. And we have an opportunity of a lifetime that will change your life.

That’s right, an opportunity to make $10,000+ every month while working only 7 hours per week. Don’t delay. Join this business opportunity… or else.

The FBI is currently investigating the scheme. Initial reports suggested that the emails were coming from servers in Russia and Iran, but new evidence shows the emails are coming from servers in small and large cities across the United States.

Update: Federal agents are currently interrogating a 32-year-old mother of 3 who, according to the FBI, was acting delusional and frantically telling the agents that they need to live a more natural lifestyle.