Fauci Challenges Atlas to an Arm Wrestling Match and Then Backtracks After Thinking it Through Some More

After days of verbal sparring over how to best handle the COVID-19 pandemic, infectious disease expert Dr. Tony Fauci challenged White House Coronavirus Task Force advisor Dr. Scott Atlas on Friday to an arm wrestling match. However, after putting more thought into it – specifically regarding the logistics of how the contest would be administrated – Fauci backtracked on his ultimatum.

“Dr. Atlas, I’m not going to take any more of your shenanigans,” Fauci tweeted right before issuing the challenge. “Hop into the ring with me. Let’s settle this with a good ole’ fashion arm wrestling match.”

Atlas welcomed the challenge, doubling down by saying he would arm wrestle with one hand behind his back. “Bring it on, shorty,” Atlas tweeted just minutes after Fauci’s initial declaration. “This is a call to arms! Saturday… Time Square… 1pm… be there or be square.”

After thinking through some of the logistics, Fauci had a change of heart. “I forgot about the whole six feet thing,” Fauci admitted to reporters shortly after Atlas accepted the challenge. “And then the gloves, the face masks, the sneeze guards… you know, all the things. It just seems like too much work.”

Fauci is now suggesting that instead of an arm wrestling match they should compete in virtual trivia contest that includes questions strictly related to 90s sitcoms.

Update: Atlas accepted the challenge.