Feminist Group Encourages Women to Grieve the Suspension of Professional Sports

To prevent the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, nearly all professional sports leagues have either paused or altogether cancelled their seasons. The suspension of professional sports in America has dampened the morale of NBA fans, NHL fans, and fair-weather college basketball fans who were looking forward to filling out their March Madness brackets.

In response to countless memes on social media that involve wives cracking jokes about their sports-deprived husbands, pro-women’s group “Feminists for Life” is encouraging women to also grieve the suspension of professional sports – or at the very least to “act like it.”

“During this very difficult time, we encourage the women of America to grieve,” said Feminist for Life spokeswoman Josephine Alton, who believes professional poker should be officially classified as a sport. “Post on social media, crack jokes to your friends, whatever you can. At the very least, act like you are aggrieved. Let’s show the men of this world that women can also like sports.”