Flat Earther Convinces Friend by Telling Him “It’s Science, Man”

Leonard Holmes, a 34-year-old school janitor and active member of the Flat Earth Society, convinced a childhood friend that the Earth is flat by pulling “the science card.” Holmes’ bold assertion came after he and his friend got into a heated exchange about the prospect of an alien invasion.

After 90 minutes of spirited debate, Holmes finally declared to his friend, “It’s science, man. Science tells us that the Earth is flat. Believe what you want, but I believe in science.”

“Oh, it’s science?” Holmes’ friend responded. “I had no idea. When you put it that way, I guess I have to believe it.”

On the heels of this event, new research has revealed that more and more people are pulling the science card to present – what appear to be – compelling arguments.

“It’s so easy to win a debate with this tactic,” said Thomas Levy, who has convinced seven people that African Americans are the true Jews. “All you have to do is declare ‘it’s science’ and people will believe anything you say.”