Fox News Blasts Rachel Maddow For Saying “Craftspersonship”

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow is under fire for saying “craftspersonship” when discussing the international consumer market during her TV segment on Tuesday evening.

Maddow was comparing the quality of American-made products to Chinese-made products. “When it comes to manufacturing,” she contended, “Chinese craftspersonship is simply inferior to American craftspersonship.”

Several Fox News hosts and pundits are now criticizing Ms. Maddow for refusing to pronounce the word in the “traditional manner”:

“What’s wrong with this woman? She can’t even say ‘crafts-man-ship?‘ This, my friends, is what this world is coming to. Political correctness is destroying America.” – Tucker Carlson

“It’s disgraceful. As a woman, I actually prefer using the word ‘craftsmanship.’ It’s a matter of principle. Liberals are trying to control every aspect of our lives, including our speech.” – Laura Ingraham

“What is wrong with the word ‘craftsmanship?’ Let’s be honest, men are craftier than women.” – Brian Kilmeade

Maddow has since responded to the criticism:

I don’t know what year they live in, but I live in 2019. We have to stop this flagrant and abusive use of pronouns. It’s offensive. I will not apologize for standing up on behalf of the women of America.

That’s right, go get e’m girl. Sean, not a word about this you Fox News lackey.