Grandmother “Canceled” After Saying All Babies Look the Same

A grandmother of seven was “canceled” on Monday after admitting she thinks all babies look the same for the first few months of their lives. The comment, coming from 82 year-old Sheila Parkinson, was spoken in the hospital room after her daughter delivered her third child.

Going around the room, the baby’s father asked the age-old question, “So, who do you think little Sophie looks like?” “Oh, I guess her mother,” Parkinson said with a soft, playful smile. “But you know, all babies kind of look the same.”

Video of the shocking statement was posted on YouTube, sparking outrage in the comments section as well as other social platforms like Facebook and Twitter. “What a horrible grandma,” one Tweet read. “She shouldn’t be allowed to have any more grandchildren. #nomoregrandchildrenforsheila”

Parkinson has since gone to Twitter to issue a public apology. “It was insensitive and wrong,” the Tweet read. “I sincerely regret my comments, and I hope the world will one day find it in their hearts to forgive my despicable behavior.”

Despite the apology, Parkinson’s daughter said this will likely be her last child.