Harris Assures Biden He Won’t Have to Wear Pants in the White House

As Joe Biden and Kamala Harris make plans to transition into the White House, the Vice President-elect gave Biden assurances that he won’t have to wear pants while working in the White House. Sources say Biden was ecstatic with the news as he’s been getting used to not wearing pants while meeting mostly via video conferencing over the past several months.

“I’ll, of course, always be wearing pants,” Harris told reporters after breaking the news to the President-elect. “I always wear pants, even when I’m sleeping. It makes me feel… you know, powerful.”

Harris contended that she just wants Biden to be comfortable, and if that means working in a more relaxed and aloof state, she’s happy to take a bold and more professional role in the White House. “Our job is to enter the presidency with authority, and start getting stuff done on day one,” she said, using air quotes around the word “our.”

Reporters asked Biden if he was concerned that the future Vice President might take an overly ambitious role in the White House.

“Of course not!” he exclaimed. “I’d never criticize a woman who says she’ll be wearing the pants for you.”