Harris Seeks a “Competent” Somalian Woman to Diversify Biden Cabinet

In response to criticism from minority groups that President-elect Joe Biden’s cabinet picks have been far “too white,” Kamala Harris is seeking a competent Somalian woman to make the cabinet the “most diverse” in United States history.

The goal, Harris states, isn’t just to select any Somalian, but one that will contribute to the success of Biden’s presidency and, ideally, benefit the American people in some way.

“The key is this person has to be competent,” the Vice President-elect told a room of reporters on Tuesday. “I mean, sure, if we really wanted to, we could pick up any old Somalian off the street. But we’re going to go the extra mile by ensuring this woman is fully qualified for the job.”

When pressed by reporters on specifics about the position – namely, what the Somalian woman would do in the White House – Harris said it was still under consideration.

“It all depends on who we find,” she said. “The experience must match the job. I realize that presents some limitations, but here’s the deal… our ultimate goal is to make this the most diverse administration in U.S. history.”