Health Experts Guess That COVID-32 “Could Be a Really Bad One”

According to a growing number of health experts, the year 2032 could be a really bad year for a new strain of coronavirus. The medical community says the world needs to start preparing for COVID-32 right now to prevent the deadly outbreak that transpired in 2020.

When pressed by reporters about why they are even speculating on COVID-32, one health expert said it’s important to think decades in advance, even if it’s impossible to test any form of hypothesis. In cases like the coronavirus, he affirmed, it’s best to rely on your “inner voice” rather than concrete data.

“More and more these days we go on feelings,” said Dr. Michael Scheld, an infectious disease doctor at the University of Virginia School of Medicine. “Sometimes we even come to conclusions based on anecdotal evidence. That’s the best way to make predictions when you have no idea what the hell is going on.”

The data has government leaders thinking about what they can do to prevent a global pandemic in 2032. Common suggestions include social cleansing, underground residential bunkers, permanent mask devices that are impossible to remove, and distancing requirements that ban any form of social interaction.