High Schooler Worries That His Prom Date Will Have to Be His Sister

Thinking months ahead, a senior at a high school in Birmingham, Alabama worries that prom night will be cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions on the gathering of large groups. However, 17-year-old Chad Bentley says he will experience prom night regardless, even if it means renting the neighborhood clubhouse and taking his sister.

“Not having a prom during my senior year of high school is not an option,” said Bentley, who has set an ambitious goal to experience his first kiss before graduation. “So if it means slow-dancing with my sister as my father blares ‘I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing’ from his boombox, I’ll take it.”

Several of Bentley’s peers say it would be for the best if prom was cancelled, because he probably couldn’t convince a girl to go with him anyways.

Bentley’s statement comes on the heels of a new Harvard study that found 67 percent of high schoolers in Alabama would be willing to take their sister to prom, even if schools proceed with a traditional prom night.