How to Know Whether Someone is Coming to Your FB Event or Not

As you probably already know, using Facebook’s Events feature can be frustrating. That is, if you are using it to track your RSVP’s. People are already flaky when it comes to RSVP’ing for events. But on Facebook, they are ten times flakier.

Like every column I write, this will be very beneficial. It’s going to make your life much easier. And it should also save you some money when it comes to planning events.

Now, people have three options to “RSVP” to your Facebook event. They can specify that they are going, that they are maybe going, or that they can’t go at all. Now, as I mentioned earlier, people are flaky. Just because they click the “Going” button doesn’t mean they will actually show up.

Well, no problem. I’ve got you covered. I’ve compiled research that will give each of these three options a concrete percentage. Then you can do a little arithmetic and know exactly how many people are attending your event.


While this may seem like a clear option, it’s not. 42.3% of the people who say they are going will actually make an appearance. For the other 57.7%, they will provide excuses to why they can’t go like “my fish got sick” or “I stepped on a rusty nail and got Tetanus.”


You’d think that when someone says they will “maybe” attend an event that there’s probably around a 50% chance that they will follow through. With Facebook events, it’s not even close. In reality, a “maybe” means there is a 5.2% chance that they will be attending. You likely won’t get an excuse, because the “maybe” is typically just an acknowledgement that they saw your invite on Facebook.

Can’t Go

0% chance that they will show up.

Well, hope that helps ya’ll. Use this formula wisely and you’ll be able to determine precisely how many people are coming to your next event. And hopefully it saves you a little bit of dough on those catering costs.

By the way… Joe, enough with the “maybe’s.” Just tell me you’re not coming ya schmuck.