Some Inspirational Tidbits From Jenny…

Hi ya’ll! So I’ve been working on some self-improvement strategies over the past few weeks. A little bit of yoga. Some meditation. And I started reading an inspirational self-help book (I’m not much for reading, though, so I don’t have much to report).

The main area in my life I’m looking to improve right now is my Insta following. I love my million-plus army of followers. I’m looking to grow it, but I also want to nurture those current relationships I’ve developed.

My followers are so supportive and I hope I inspire them with all the product ideas I share with them on a daily basis.

Such products like Gucci, Gartier, H&M, Adidas, Calvin Klein, Dockers, and Kate Spade (I may receive a modest royalty for mentioning these brands).

I also like to help entrepreneurs by giving them an opportunity to gain broad visibility for their products. If you’d like my media kit, just shoot me an email. It outlines the nominal fees you pay for me to share your products with the world.

Now I will end with this inspirational quote I came up with last year when I was going through a rough patch: “Dream big!”

And, no Joe… I’m not going to marry you, so enough with your inappropriate comments. Sometimes this is such a hostile work environment!