98% of Internet Users Enjoy Being Tracked for Advertising Purposes

Marketing executives and digital advertising platforms were thrilled to see the results of a new P.U. poll, when it concluded that 98 percent of all Internet users are glad their browsing activity is being tracked.

Interestingly, the reason for being tracked was a significant factor. When it came to terrorism and other safety concerns, people did not like the idea of being monitored. However, when the data is used for advertising purposes, they were overwhelmingly satisfied.

“I’m not a big fan of being tracked for things like national security,” says Tom Sanchez, who spends ten hours a day surfing the Web. “But for advertising purposes, I really enjoy it.”

Sanchez describes a situation where he was browsing the Internet and he instinctively clicked on an ad for some Nike shoes. He looked through the product listing but didn’t feel like he had the money to spend on the shoes at that moment. The next day, he was browsing the Internet again.

“There were Nike ads on the side of the first website I visited,” Sanchez explained. “Then I went to a different website and there was an ad for the same shoes covering the top third of my computer monitor. Then later that night, I visited a website on my phone and an ad for the same pair of shoes popped up covering my entire screen.”

“It was great!” Sanchez said. “Even though I didn’t really have the money for them, I ended up buying the shoes right then and there. It was so nice to have the advertisements. Otherwise, I’d be stuck wearing my ratty old Skechers.”