Jake Gyllenhall Encourages CDC to Revisit the Movie “Bubble Boy”

As the number of COVID-19 cases rises across the country, actor and film producer Jake Gyllenhall is encouraging the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to revisit, and take notes from, his hit 2001 film “Bubble Boy.” The movie, which follows a young man who lives in a sterilized dome in his bedroom due to an autoimmune disorder, reveals how we can eradicate COVID-19 for good, Gyllenhall said during an online press conference.

“If every man, woman, and child lived like the Bubble Boy, COVID would disappear,” Gyllenhall told TMZ during a Zoom conference. “I encourage the CDC to issue guidance recommending that we all isolate ourselves in self-contained bubbles.”

The actor seemed to lose reporters once he started throwing out other theories, one being about a human-sized, demon-possessed bunny who “could save the entire world.” Another theory involved a broad-scale societal shift where people abandon major cities and move to the mountains.

At one point, he even compared COVID-19 to the Zodiac killer.