Jeff Bezos’ Ex-Wife Bitter That Nobody Seems to Know Her Name

The ex-wife of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos expressed bitterness on Friday because very few people seem to know her name, despite the fact that she is the world’s wealthiest woman.

TrollWire’s Jenny Gardner got an exclusive interview with Bezos’ ex-wife, in which the topic of her apparent anonymity resurfaced throughout the brief conversation. Gardner started the interview by asking the woman how she was enjoying her bachelorette life as a billionaire. The interviewee quickly strayed from the question.

“It’s like people actually think my government-issued name is ‘Jeff Bezos’ Ex-Wife,'” said Pesos’ ex-wife. “No! I have a real name! It’s MacK…”

“OK, thank you, ma’am,” Gardner interrupted, attempting to get the interview back on track. “Back to my original question. How has your life changed since you and Mr. Bezos cut ties?”

“I mean, it’s crazy,” countered Pesos’ ex-wife, her eyes moving side to side rapidly. “I look at these headlines all over the Internet about how I’m now the world’s wealthiest woman. The articles are all about me, yet my name isn’t even mentioned in the headline!”

The interview got cut short after Gardner made two more attempts to redirect the conversation.