Jennifer Lawrence Quits Acting to Start Multi-Level Marketing Business

Breaking… Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence shocked the world on Wednesday when she announced that she would be cutting her acting career short. At the age of only 29, Lawrence is retiring from Hollywood to start her own multi-level marketing (MLM) business.

TrollWire’s very own Ernie Sanders got an exclusive interview with the now-former actress. Here’s a snapshot of this developing story:

Ernie: So why did you make the decision to quit acting and get into the multi-level marketing scheme?

Jennifer: First of all, Ernie, it’s not a “scheme.” Multi-level marketing is a powerful business model that enables people of all income levels to start their own business. You have people making millions of dollars a year, while helping others do the same.

Ernie: So, a lot of people aren’t familiar with how MLM works. Can you give our readers a little background on how it all works?

Jennifer: I’d love to! So when you first get started, you simply sign up as a consultant, where you will be placed “under” another consultant. Then your business plan is to recruit as many people as possible that will be placed under you. Then you encourage the people under you to recruit people under them. So, you can see, over time you begin to build this pyramid, err, I mean downward flow of entrepreneurs who you will then gain commission from.

Ernie: Interesting… So is there some kind of product you sell?

Jennifer: Oh, yes! They are amazing, life-changing products.

Ernie: And what are these products?

Jennifer: Oh, you know, natural supplements and such. And, believe me, the benefits we see from these products are astounding. In fact, we have one product that people are actually using to treat cancer!

Ernie: Okay… well let’s wrap this up. Are you sure we won’t be seeing you back on the Oscar stage at some point?

Jennifer: Absolutely not! I am now dedicating my career to building my MLM business and helping others to become financially independent. Speaking of which, if any of your readers are looking to…

Ernie: Okay… thank you Ms. Lawrence. That will be all.

So there you have it.

Shout out to Ernie for getting this exclusive. He’s been on a roll lately.