Joaquin Phoenix Says Quarantine Has Made Him “Nuts”

Actor and animal rights activist Joaquin Phoenix took to Twitter on Wednesday to announce that quarantining due to COVID-19 has made him “nuts.” The admission, pundits suggest, would explain some of the actor’s recent social media activity.

“The animals are rising and we are one! #letsdoit,” read a Tweet published on July 21st. “I’ve been thinking about my life,” read a Facebook post on his personal page, dated July 27th. “The COVID. The anger. The many ways it finds us. We must fight this parasite with thrice over!” 

Fans of Phoenix had been wondering why such a calm and level-headed person in Hollywood was acting so strange. “He was always such a normal guy,” said Peter Thompson, a longtime Phoenix fan who admittedly has seen Walk the Line over 70 times. “What drew me to him was his even-keeled demeanor.” 

In related news, several film studios will be releasing black and white versions of popular movies to increase revenue while filming is on hold.