Joe Biden Encourages Kids to Stop Vaping and Instead “Smoke Joints”

A rising vaping outbreak in the United States has led to over a thousand lung injuries and 26 total deaths. As of now, state and federal investigators have yet to find a concrete cause for the epidimec.

There is increasing concern about the nation’s youths, who are key users of vaping products.

The development has led to a wave of new research, and now politicians are weighing in – most notably, former Vice President of the United States and current Democratic presidential contender Joe Biden.

While most experts and public leaders are suggesting that kids simply stop using vaping products, Mr. Biden is offering a different viewpoint: “I don’t want to tell these kids to stop consuming nicotine or enjoying some recreational THC. I’m just asking that they use more traditional methods.”

TrollWire’s Sean Vanity pressed the former Vice President on his position in an interview on Tuesday morning: “Mr. Biden, what are these ‘traditional methods’ you are referring to?”

“Joints!” Biden shot back. “You know, back in my day, we used to smoke joints. That was what we did. You roll the papers, strike a match, and light up. That’s the natural way to do it. And I’m certain that it is much, much healthier.”