“Judge Judy” Cancelled After Judy Was Caught Having Drinks With Plaintiff

Judy Sheindlin, the star magistrate in the longtime running TV show “Judge Judy,” will be concluding her show after 25 seasons. One of the most successful TV personalities in history, Sheindlin has presided over small-claims cases with a no-nonsense, wisecracking approach – and it’s now coming to an end.

Initially, Sheindlin claimed the show’s cancellation was due to the fact that CBS now has over two decades worth of content to re-run. But new reports allege that the real cause for the show’s cancellation is that Sheindlin was seen at a bar having drinks with a plaintiff whose case she’d ruled on earlier that day.

James Stockton, the 23-year-old plaintiff in question, was seeking monetary damages from a “multi-level marketing consultant” for misleading claims about a “profitable business opportunity.” The scheme resulted in Stockton purchasing $5,000 worth of organic cosmetic products, of which he was only able to sell $42.

The same day of the “Judge Judy” episode’s recording, paparazzi followed Sheindlin into a bar, where she was seen enjoying drinks with the now infamous James Stockton. One photograph revealed Sheindlin sitting close to Stockton with her hand on his knee and, what one observer described, a “twitterpated smile.”

“I’d like to apologize to my family, my friends, and most importantly, my loyal ‘Judge Judy’ fans,” the Hollywood magistrate lamented in a Tweet. “My behavior with the plaintiff was inappropriate and I sincerely regret my actions.”

Update: Since this article’s publication three hours ago, 12 other plaintiffs have spoken out about instances where Sheindlin seduced them.