Katy Perry Says She Gets “Triggered” By Expressions That Symbolize Violence

Singer and songwriter Katy Perry said in an interview Thursday that she is often “triggered” by expressions that symbolize violence, and that people need to be more mindful of their speech. Perry made the statement during an appearance on the Today Show where she was promoting her new charity, called “Watch Your Words.”

The songwriter was asked what inspired her to start the charity. Responding with tears streaking down her face, Perry said the idea was prompted by her own experience with offensive speech.

“It triggers an intense emotional reaction when I hear people say dreadful things like ‘beats me,’ or ‘that really bombed,’ or the worst of all, ‘beat a dead horse’,” said Perry. “It’s like being shot in the gut. An, intense, gut-wrenching feeling.”

She added that some terms can symbolize multiple meanings, like “soften the blow,” and they should be especially avoided.