Kim Jong Un Launches “Keep North Korea Great Forever” Initiative

In what seems to be a mockery of President Trump’s “Make America Great Again” mantra, North Korean supreme leader Kim Jong Un just launched a new initiative, called “Keep North Korea Great Forever.”

In a statement on Tuesday, Kim Jong Un said the campaign is a bold statement to the world. “We are great,” he shouted from a loudspeaker. “We have always been great. And we will always be great. We will be the greatest nation in the world… forever.”

Sources say local reporters wanted to ask Kim Jong Un what the initiative actually entails, but they were afraid to do so. However, questions from the U.S. media prompted the North Korean leader to further explain the “campaign.”

Kim Jong Un recently resumed his studies of the English language and for the first time he spoke directly to the American people without a translator:

The “Keep North Korea Great Forever” initiative tells world we are great. My people loves me. And I will keep North Korea country great… forever. As long as I supreme leader – and be until I die – this country be great. So great. And continue will it to be great. Because my kids will rise into me feet steps and continue make these country greatest in world. My rockets are biggest. They are greatest in world.

Hats and other apparel featuring a bold KNKGF logo were sold out within the first three hours of release. To keep up with demand, Kim Jong Un is calling on China to chip in with manufacturing.