Librarian Says Not Working is Even More Boring Than Working at a Library

Due to ongoing restrictions prompted by the COVID-19 pandemic, 78-year-old librarian Sheila Vernon has been unable to work for the past 6 weeks. Ms. Johnson says while the time off was nice at first, she is now realizing that not working at all is even more boring than working at her community’s local library.

“When I first started looking into being a librarian, I was filled with excitement,” she said. “I had dreamt about being surrounded by thousands and thousands of books. And then after a couple days on the job, I realized how boring it was.”

“However,” she added, “nothing compares to the boredom that comes with not working at all.”

Johnson’s confession has caused quite a stir throughout the librarian community, as others are coming forward to express their gratefulness for having a job to go to, even if it is the most boring job in the world.